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Foreign Frugglers

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The Fruggle is REAL! use arrow keys to move, up=aim, Z=shoot, X=somersault menu: space or Z/X R: Restart G=Restart Game For the best experience, play this game on Google Chrome. #ultimo #frugglers
Idioma: English  
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Get Foreign Frugglers on steam! Improved and expanded: #foreignfrugglers #ultimogames
Foreign Frugglers
Foreign Frugglers
Foreign Frugglers
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Myrkvidr (1496 Gemas) 2019-10-04

this is a lot of fun. i love it

gamefive Profile (2181 Gemas) 2019-07-17

game is hard!!!!! ㅜㅡㅜ

Ultimo Games Profile (560 Gemas) 2019-07-05

The game is also available on STEAM, I am working on another game mode (endless mode with collapsing floors and shit)

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Foreign Frugglers
Foreign Frugglers
Foreign Frugglers
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