Play Bloodsphere 1.3

Bloodsphere 1.3

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Publicado em: 2011/05/22



RPG Maker XP complete Game Version 1.3 Download 25+ hour long RPG Adventure.
Idioma: English  
Bloodsphere 1.3
Bloodsphere 1.3
Bloodsphere 1.3
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Marius (4175 Gemas) 2011-06-01

this looks interesting and I was always a fan of this game !! <br />But the graphics can be improved...

Alexander0777 Profile (1070 Gemas) 2011-05-23

Wow, this game is very beatiful! <br /> <br />I appreciate very much the storyboard of the game, the graphic is good (maybe the intro and the menu can be imprevoed) and the tecnical part is the same. <br /> <br />Good job! :)

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