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Welcome to DarkStory, a 2D online role-playing game, where await to you a fantastic adventure, magic and good friendships. With hundreds hours of gameplay, you will be inmersed on this epic role-playing experience where you will conquer dungeons, fly in a giant bird, defeat creatures, explore the huge continents with your friends and much more.
Idioma: English   Espanol   Portugues  
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DarkStory Online
DarkStory Online
DarkStory Online
DarkStory Online
DarkStory Online
DarkStory Online
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Gale (Nível 5) 2021-09-06
this game is started as a simple amatorial mmorpg in 2d and now it is a very huge game with a lot of features. it is an incredible story. passion and dedition to the game dev and an idea! amazing
Deneris (Nível 16) 2021-08-19
Can I switch the items with the other players?
Sottorive (Nível 6) 2021-04-02
The Dragonia's Newspaper is an amazing idea! You should add also news about the best players of the game!
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