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Weedventures is a small game made by Benjamin Bekken of Bencraft Productions. It is made in the RPGMaker Ace engine and is almost made without scripts, budget or time available, but made as a hobby project for fun! The game is based of the fan favorite MLG overdramatic videos you find all over youtube and Facebook. The game uses a lot of "drugs" BUT DOES NOT ENCOURAGE THEM!!
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Jonathan Fish (Poziom 16) 2016-08-14
My 2 cents : replace the screenshots with screens about the gameplay... And fix the video. If your game page is not cured... It's hard to attract new players ;)
Cynac (Poziom 8) 2016-07-08
what is it ? O.o
Marius (Poziom 14) 2016-07-01
you should add cool screenshots... now it's hard that a user that see your game will download it... it's no so attractive. Improve your page ;)
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