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Pacman 3D 1st Person

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I always wanted to make my own pacman game but in 3D and give you a bit more freedom than the classic 2D arcade game. Explore several maps each more difficult than the previous and collect all the pixels before the ghosts get you, see it from Pacman's perspective.
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Pacman 3D 1st Person
Pacman 3D 1st Person
Pacman 3D 1st Person
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Trwa ładowanie...
cradth (Poziom 14) 2020-06-25
Hahaha I like it. It's more intense than the original.
AsuraGamer89 (Poziom 6) 2020-01-05
Those ghosts are so creepy XD
DevZone (Poziom 8) 2019-06-01
Really good idea, love it!
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