My 6000 Horrors

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In this game we continue from where we left off in 5000 Nightmares into a more in-depth adventure of horror, adventure and things that just do not make sense.
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Version 1.1 Released. The game has pretty much been bug-free however there was some minor issues with the stamina bar in the Spooky levels. This will not effect your gameplay much but it has now been fixed. Version 1.1 is now available for download.
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My 6000 Horrors
My 6000 Horrors
My 6000 Horrors
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Trwa ładowanie...
Trwa ładowanie...
DevZone (Poziom 8) 2019-06-01
im dead lol
Kikkis (Poziom 2) 2018-12-16
Reofloor (Poziom 10) 2018-07-10
I miss to play a lot of creepypasta games. just noted playing this one . lol
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