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A game with a particular system to evade cheats and an original save sistem. Ah, and so much pizza.-Concept- The development of this game is born with a simple but difficult concept to put in practice: preventing players from cheating. You can try it if you want, but I will not recommend it: Eart is a game whereFollow me on Twitter to stay updated: twitter.com/DanGamesOff
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Update Beta 0.2.0: -The game is now divided into acts -Fixed a small bug -Some small additions before the final -Now the sword must be recharged before it can hit -Balanced some pattern of attacks -Slightly changed a couple of sprites -Slightly changed a soundtrack
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TheBigShow (Poziom 12) 2017-08-08
a very good start!
Fry2 Profile (Poziom 12) 2017-06-09
I''m playing it! Good job! it looks very good!
MagicOz (Poziom 9) 2017-06-08
Oh. Nice job! It's not so easy to make a RPG with game maker!
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