Block Labyrinth (DEMO)

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Opublikowany: 2018/12/03



This is the first demo version of an in-development maze puzzle game. There are currently 25 levels in this demo.
For more updates, follow me on twitter too. @ApothicalS
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Block Labyrinth (DEMO)
Block Labyrinth (DEMO)
Block Labyrinth (DEMO)
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Eugor (Poziom 13) 2018-12-07
it's made using unity, can you upload it in webgl? so it will be possible to play it online!
wikilox (Poziom 9) 2018-12-07
still few elements to give a good feedback! I wait to see how you will improve it!
ronnye (Poziom 14) 2018-12-07
only for mobile? nice start!
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