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Super Chrono Portal Maker

303 플레이어 - 3 구독자 구독자
게시일: 2017년 09월 21일

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JS13kGames 2016 entry, ranked #3!
Music by Anders Kaare
Play with arrow keys and mouse
Making-of: #js13k2016">
언어: English   Francais  
Super Chrono Portal Maker
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로딩 중...
Freank 인증됨 (레벨 18) 2017-10-05
Played. I don't like it so much. The mechanics are good. But it's not so original and it's not so "clear". What do you think to add a second player? You can try also to add the indiepad and add also the third and fourth player. It can be more
Staff 인증됨 (레벨 16) 2017-09-21
fixed video
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