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Find Gold!

45 플레이어 - 6 구독자
Delve in the depths of dangerous caves to find and retrieve precious gold, armed only with the ability to pick things up and a pick-up truck! The deeper you go, the harder the climb. Made in 48 hours using Pico-8. (Actually more like 36.)
언어: English  
Find Gold!
댓글 (10)
서식 도움 380
Fry2 Profile (2851 Gems) 2018-06-14

Can you suggest me other cool pico8 games?

Luis (8933 Gems) 2018-01-23

oh, this is goo(l)d! Nice idea and good made

BBads (1463 Gems) 2018-01-05

oh, did you make other games like this?

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