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Mackenzie and the Eye

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#Mackenzie and the Eye is an #action #adventure #platformer game. You play as Mackenzie who has no recollection of her past. As you try to stop Darkness from destroying the world & defeat the bosses, you begin to gain the recollection you/Mackenzie once lost. Controls: X: attack, Z:action and jump.
언어: English  
새로운 기능: 2
**Cliff Hanger Update** What this update does/adds: 1. Another Harder and Better Level! 2. A cliff hanger and a Plot! 3. More than 2 jumps!
Mackenzie and the Eye
Mackenzie and the Eye
Mackenzie and the Eye
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Fellowplayer Profile (17951 Gems) 2018-01-04

When is more going to be developed?

Magnus C (1552 Gems) 2017-10-11

it's too short. How is it possible? Are you developing it yet?

Zion (2927 Gems) 2017-09-05

One star. I need to see more. It's too short

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