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Life of ITman

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Tripod Cat Incorpurrated

Pc white Linux white Osx white 다운로드 (30.4메가바이트)
게시일: 2020년 04월 22일



Become the techie, the unsung hero of every modern company, making sure the servers are okay, all hackers are stopped and every employee has their problems resolved. No wonder they drink more caffeine than the rest of the office combined.
This game was built in 72 hours by a team of 4 for the Ludum Dare 46 game jam.
언어: English  
Life of ITman
Life of ITman
Life of ITman
Life of ITman
Life of ITman
Life of ITman
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JEntertaiment (레벨 11) 2021-01-04
Like this pixel art!
wearevenom (레벨 12) 2020-04-23
very nice pixel art!
TenTen92 (레벨 10) 2020-04-22
is there a gameplay about it? the rooms look a little bit empties.
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