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Endless Combat Dungeon

최고 선수: Blackthorn Chart <<
339 플레이어 - 26 구독자
게시일: 2019/07/07


Rpg Maker MV

A brutal dungeon crawler without any crawling. It's based on the old Wizardry games and board games like Dungeon Quest. Press F3 to stretch-to-fit. Please feel free to leave any suggestions/quest ideas/item ideas/monster ideas, etc. #roguelike #rpg
언어: English  
새로운 기능: 39
This game is in slow, slow process of becoming an open world game. Is it a good idea though? Will that make it better?
Endless Combat Dungeon
Endless Combat Dungeon
Endless Combat Dungeon
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kalindor (846 Gems) 2019-08-19

I rest twice and I die. Why?! So, it's incredible that you made it using MV. Few time ago I tried to use MV to make a game online but there were a lot of bugs. Like missed resources or issues during the teleport. Are you using a particular system, plugin or template?

where_is_love (553 Gems) 2019-08-19

did you never think to add save points or items to save the game?

wikilox Profile (943 Gems) 2019-08-19

this game will be legendary. p.s. Parry has no sense now. and if you level up, you should recover automatically your self and your health

Endless Combat Dungeon
Endless Combat Dungeon
Endless Combat Dungeon
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