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Collapse, Collide

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Collapse, Collide is a short little game about Life.
Jump through obstacles and climb walls seeking for something unique.
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Collapse, Collide
Collapse, Collide
Collapse, Collide
Collapse, Collide
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Jonathan Fish (Level 16) 2016-08-17
the download doesn't work D: can you replace it ?
Destroya (Level 7) 2012-11-28
Short, really short, but cool, you have a good control of character, so it\'s easy to jump and run without be frustrated. Is really cool for being just an experiment.
Destroya (Level 7) 2012-11-28
Breve, brevissimo, ma molto figo, in più il sistema di controllo è piuttosto preciso, permettendoci di percorrere i livelli in velocità. Alla fin fine da un platform ci si aspetta giusto un buon controllo del protagonista, come esperimento è una figata.
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