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Boy, Man, Lizard

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Boy, Man, Lizard is a beat 'em up inspired by Platinum Games, Vanillaware, and psychedelic music. A controller is highly recommended, just use the D-pad instead of the analog stick. Made by Thomas Keys; Thumbnail and concept art by @DSGHertzie.
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Boy, Man, Lizard
Boy, Man, Lizard
Boy, Man, Lizard
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서식 도움 380
fats (2684 Gems) 2018-09-26

Can you make it online?

Popsan Angel (3371 Gems) 2018-08-27

the animations are very nice. fluid and fast. Nice work. I suggest to add also other weapons. enemy by enemy it's repetitive.

Luis (8746 Gems) 2018-08-26

Nice pixel art style!

Boy, Man, Lizard
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