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Free mini Dodge game to help you improve your dodging.Avoid the projectiles, decrease reaction time, increase clicking accuracy with the best dodging game around! #dodge #dodging
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Hello guys? Time for some feedback. What would you add to improve this? a) Levels with a different map b) different types of enemies c) power-ups d)better visuals e) in-game currency to unlock different characters with different stats Thanks for your feedback in advance!
uDodge:Practice Tool
uDodge:Practice Tool
uDodge:Practice Tool
uDodge:Practice Tool
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TheBeast (レベル 10) 2020-03-16
Are you developing new games? I like this one but after two or three times, it's just a little bit repetitive
DCastillo (レベル 8) 2019-07-04
its very difficult! but its a great minigame!
KnightRider (レベル 7) 2019-03-02
you are near to 1,000 players. wow
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