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Tower Capture

Programming by HTMLHigh5, artwork courtesy of Freank The goal is simple: entrap your opponent in as few moves as possible. Each turn you may move and launch a maelstrom of arrows at your enemy. #indiepad
言語: English  
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Thanks to @Freank, we now have updated graphics! Also, #indiepad support has been added along with local multiplayer. Check it out!
Tower Capture
Tower Capture
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Freank Profile (4158 宝石) 2018-01-18

No news about Tower Capture 2? :D

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indiexpo Addons (2761 宝石) 2017-11-29
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zxretrosoft Profile (2571 宝石) 2017-11-26

Very nice game, original idea, great work! Thank you! ;)

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Tower Capture
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