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The Adventures of Dr. P.

に公開: 2017/11/01



Help Dr. P. Dorrent to find all the treasures in the King's Temple before it's too late. The Adventures of Dr. P. Dorrent in the Kings's Temple is an puzzle-platformer adventure under development. Play the first level and leave your thoughts :) This game is under development. Game, art, sound, code by pcmxms.
言語: English  
The Adventures of Dr. P.
The Adventures of Dr. P.
The Adventures of Dr. P.
コメント数 (3)
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Shavi (503 宝石) 2017-11-12

Did what i said i would hope you have a laugh at my noobness

Shavi (503 宝石) 2017-11-05

Pretty frustratingly good lol

Eugor (2939 宝石) 2017-11-01

the loading bar is blocked at the end. It's a common bug with godot. Did you try to ask to the engine-developers/support?

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