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In a small pacific village, of a fantasy world called "Exilia" everybody leads a tranquill and peaceful life. However, the world which is in a long and apparently everlasting state of peace, will be soon shook by a terrible menace.
All of the BGM is composed by me.
This is the game prologue, I'm so looking forward to read your feedbacks!
#fantasyRPG #FinalFantasy
言語: English  
ニュース: 7
Hello everyone. It's been a long time after my last update. I am sorry I was absent for more than 2 years, but I dedicated this time to improve my programming and my digital art skills to bring to life a new project a bit more "professional" like. I'll keep you posted!
Stories of Exilia *DEMO
Stories of Exilia *DEMO
Stories of Exilia *DEMO
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ConanOB (レベル 6) 2023-02-24
broken link. it looks an interesting rpg maker game. are you able to restore the link to download it? I played a lot of MV games online. is it possible to make it playable online?
Sottorive (レベル 6) 2021-04-02
how did you add the score system? What to do to gain points?
kalindor (レベル 13) 2020-06-04
I don't like so much the maps.
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