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Stupid Quest

EN: The creators of Stupid Quest invite you to live the stupidest story you have ever experienced.
FR: Les créateurs de Stupid Quest vous invitent à vivre l'histoire la plus idiote de toute votre vie.
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Hello all. A Definitive edition of Stupid quest is now available on Steam, Android and IOS. This old demo apk is now out of date.
Stupid Quest
Stupid Quest
Stupid Quest
Stupid Quest
Stupid Quest
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TenTen92 (レベル 10) 2019-04-16
what is the engine used? Is there an online version? only for android?
Juan (レベル 4) 2018-02-04
I had a lot of fun playing it. Does the game master exist? I'm pretty sure I met him before, jaja.. Is there the version that appears as a teaser in a chapter (don't remerber which one, and don't want to spoil), where can we play this story?
Fellowplayer (レベル 22) 2018-01-31
A PC version would help.
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