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Hi, I am Spacy! Nice to meet you. They left me behind. I am lost in space! Lucky that I have my jump pack. And you! Let's go! :-) Help Spacy through tricky and spectacular worlds that really challenge your skills and reflexes! Different gameplay styles, one unique experience! Triple jump over obstacles. Fly rockets. Get shot out of canons. Walk on the ceiling. Enter THE ZONE.
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Spacy Jumps
Spacy Jumps
Spacy Jumps
Spacy Jumps
Spacy Jumps
Spacy Jumps
コメント数 4
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Feih (レベル 7) 2016-08-28
Sympathique !
Jonathan Fish (レベル 16) 2016-08-13
i hope to see soon a web version of this game :D
RedLine (レベル 9) 2016-08-06
good ! :D
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