SAKIS - Underworld


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SAKIS - Underworld is an oldschool, 2D platform game. It tells a story of greek ex-soldier, that was forced to face horrible truth and start a dangerous journey. 4 worlds: Mountains, Plains, Hades, Tartarus. Every split into 3 levels with additional bonus rooms. Plus 1 hidden extra world. Special Skills, mythical characters, various enemies, hidden treasures... and many more.

言語: English  
SAKIS - Underworld
SAKIS - Underworld
SAKIS - Underworld
SAKIS - Underworld
SAKIS - Underworld
SAKIS - Underworld
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TenTen92 (レベル 8) 2019-04-16

this game is legend. one of the best platform indie game. is the developer still alive?

BloodMichael93 (レベル 8) 2016-11-19

Amazing game !!!! Even if the soundtrack is very... strange... I love the bonus levels and your arts ! Will you develop an online game ?

Carir (レベル 10) 2016-11-16

oh chvok ! You're back ! Are you working to an html5 game ? Or a new game ?

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