A game for classic arcade enthusiasts! Perilous puzzles await! Your mission is to destroy the enemy's complex and get to the evac chopper! However, you also need to steal the enemy's 8 diskettes, 10 keys, and plasma dice to thwart their plans! You only get one life! Can you pull the mission off in time and make it out in one piece?
言語: English  
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the ugly truth (2222 宝石) 2017-03-13

Elementi 3d in un gioco 2d... Non è una combinazione eccellente...

Gatsu87 (3912 宝石) 2016-07-12

when you kick or attack the animation is not so good. It's too "rigid". I suggest you to search sprites for M.U.G.E.N. and use these. ;)

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