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Reactor 09

Escaping from a prison is never easy. But doing it with a correctional officer's consent is even harder. Officer Matthew Holmstett is a walking, talking regulation book and has his own set of ideals. Getting him to do what you want won't be an easy task. Don't overdo it, or you may find yourself handcuffed to a radiator very fast. #drama #scifi
言語: English  
Reactor 09
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Guile (レベル 8) 2021-01-30
Very good pixel art!
cradth (レベル 14) 2020-06-26
Looks really nice. The plot seems pretty interesting. but yeah, just like Fellowplayer said, this game needs more screenshots.
Fellowplayer (レベル 23) 2018-01-03
More screenshots, this is just not enough I want more. Looks great.
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