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Quando Fuori Piove (When it rains) is a game made in two weeks for the "Game Maker Italia 2018 Contest". Made with Game Maker Studio 2, Aseprite and Audacity.
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Quando Fuori Piove
Quando Fuori Piove
Quando Fuori Piove
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Songoku (1261 宝石) 2019-08-24

I downloaded this game few time ago and now I just played it. Nice idea, several area.are very creepy, the design is perfect 5/5

TheBeast (1387 宝石) 2019-07-10

just watched the video! So nice! I'm downloading it

mazzutakgame Profile (3761 宝石) 2019-07-02

nice concept, i have a little difficulty with a controls, the 8 bit graphics is cute, remember me first game on C64, the sniper idea is cool, but for change from sniper to character i would like use the rolling mouse button and when focus on character i would like the aim with mouse button, button right for aim and button left for shoot. Nice work!

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