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Punt Hooligan

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Kick the ball as far as you can to collect coins! You can spend the coins in the store to buy sweet hats, new balls, and even some terrain modifications to boost your distance. Aim for the highest score!
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Punt Hooligan
Punt Hooligan
Punt Hooligan
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TheBigShow (3020 宝石) 2018-04-15

It's very strange

Jonathan Fish (7709 宝石) 2016-08-13

Funny... but the force is... random ?

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Marius (3709 宝石) 2016-07-15

It's ... Stupid... But i'm playing it again and again XD my record is 6009 :D i'm playing it from my smartphone and it works very very good ! Wow ! If you can ....improve the ui and describe the several objects in the shop, please....

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Punt Hooligan
Punt Hooligan
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