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Pong Remake

Remake of the classic and addictive game "Pong", this based on table tennis or ping pong and was a video game of the first generation of video consoles published by Atari, created by Nolan Bushnell and released on November 29, 1972. (Minigame). (Remake by DcastilloX)
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New Update!!! (02/06/2019) -Multilanguage: Here's the first update Pong Remake!! one of the first arcade games made by Atari, a classic among the classics. This update incorporates a simple multi-language system to be able to switch between English and Spanish according to your place of origin, since it was previously only translated into the Spanish language. Although...
Pong Remake
Pong Remake
Pong Remake
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Brim (レベル 11) 2020-01-01
Not responsive
Agent44 (レベル 13) 2019-07-08
Easy and fast to play! I like it!
KingJhon (レベル 14) 2019-07-08
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