Manilla in Pocket Wonder

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Manilla makes an adventure in Pocket Wonder's net-cube, it's like in Wonder Race, only everything is in 2D and in a minimalist side-scroller. Overcome the obstacles and collects the qdatas as fast as possible until reach from the goal.
This game is an experimental project made on the Pocket Platformer engine, based on the game in development Randy & Manilla.
言語: English  
ニュース: 1
Some small updates have been added to improve the gaming experience a bit thanks to reports from both users and improvements from the Pocket Platformer engine itself. The fixed webpack contains the next additions: 1· Added pause menu if press ESC. 2· Some very minor level design fixes. 3· It's more likely that if you play with a powerful PC, it will no longer...
Manilla in Pocket Wonder
Manilla in Pocket Wonder
Manilla in Pocket Wonder
Manilla in Pocket Wonder
Manilla in Pocket Wonder
Manilla in Pocket Wonder
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Marco Sacchetti (レベル 13) 2022-07-13
You selected it as html5, but I can not play it online here. Can you fix?
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