Play Lost in a Space Odyssey

Lost in a Space Odyssey

This is a madness!!! lots of passengers have been lost in the space, and you are the only one that can rescue them! Be the commander of the ultimate spaceship from our stellar fleet and go with the A.I. through the deep space to save as passengers as you can before bad aliens attack you. js13k 2017 compo entry.
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Lost in a Space Odyssey
Lost in a Space Odyssey
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Kaen999 (11796 宝石) 2019-12-06

A suggestion: More screenshots and/or a video os a short gameplay, please

Fellowplayer Profile (23624 宝石) 2018-01-03

Haha, like the 2D style HAL-9000

Eugor (3289 宝石) 2017-09-17

can you upload it here?

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