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Little Lands is a short strategy city-builder made for Ludum Dare 38. (A Small World) In Little Lands, you can: - Build wonderful farmland. - Worry about resource levels. - Destroy pirate ships. - Get destroyed by pirate ships. - Make a space boat to freedom. DISCROPTION MADE IN A HURRY Robin Field - Programming, Art and Design. Billy Hobson - Music, Sfx and Design
言語: English  
ニュース: 1
UPDATE!! - Changelog: (Post Ludum Dare) - Added the ability to customise your game before you start. - Added a storehouse that auto-collects food, so you don't have to. - Fixed a few bugs. PLANNED FOR THE FUTURE: - Forest fires (via lightning during rain) - Blood Moon (Ghost Pirates) - Ground Combat (Foot Soldiers)
Little Lands
Little Lands
Little Lands
Little Lands
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Brim (2350 宝石) 2019-12-31

Great pixel art. Original?

CTGH Profile (1763 宝石) 2019-05-02


svendhhh (20 宝石) 2017-05-19

There's an end? How is that defined? (I'm currently in a game, and also finding the lack of a pause a bit frustrating, but if I knew what the "goal" was, maybe I could "win" quickly)

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