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Keineged an nor

Point-n-click x Die-n-retry adventure parody. Inspired by the NES game ShadowGate. "Our adventurous hero promptly dashed in the castle, with absolutely no chance of survival." #Pico8 #pointandclick
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Keineged an nor
Keineged an nor
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Blackthorn Profile (2224 宝石) 2019-08-01

I love this game already, even though it's giving me a headache

RockMith (1217 宝石) 2018-12-15

how many time to complete it? usually the point and click adventures are very long

Fellowplayer Profile (22872 宝石) 2018-12-14

I cant remember the name of the game but this looks so much like it from a point and click horror sense.

Keineged an nor
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