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In The Cube III

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Vous incarnez une micro-machine. A travers plus de 30 niveaux. Relevez le défi du cube.
Une multitude de mécanisme à maitriser : laser, miroir, glace, bloc, flèches, cloneurs, ... Et plus à découvrir.
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In The Cube  III
In The Cube  III
In The Cube  III
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arthuro (レベル 5) 2013-08-25
I don\'t know, sorry. <br />If you have more informations about this, please communicate it to me.
Aironenero (レベル 5) 2013-07-22
not run in my pc!!! <br /> <br />i have directx11 <br />open gl <br />an ati radeon hd 6650 <br />an cpu dual core pentium 3 GHz... <br /> <br />Why not run?
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