Houdini Classic

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------------ Prove that you are the Grand Magus by winning the tournament. ------------ Houdini is a fast placed game in which you have to follow the instructions displayed on the screen in order to win the match. The objective is to kill the other guy, no matter how, no matter why. By doing that you will be proclaimed "The Grand Magus".
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Version 2.021: Added a little spooky skull that turns red to indicate when to press F to shoot in the Clock Phase
Houdini Classic
Houdini Classic
Houdini Classic
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Magnus C (1552 宝石) 2017-10-12

nice idea! The game is easy and fast to play! Just a click and you already know how to play it! and nice pixel art!

ronnye (2607 宝石) 2017-09-06

Nice look!

Fry2 Profile (2830 宝石) 2017-05-05

After the chains I try to shoot... but he doesn't shoot... D: What's the meaning of the clock?

Houdini Classic
Houdini Classic
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