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The game will progress as a movie of a puppet show. This is a horror game with many visuals. The total play time is about 10 minutes. There are 4 different endings. Feel free to do your own narrations, etc. 〇The girl・The mom Meg Itsuki 〇Toys・Music Sora Hannya 〇Translation Jeff 〇Sereenplay Lana Lannaman 〇Director Senri Ueshima
言語: English   日本語  
Delete Us
Delete Us
Delete Us
Delete Us
Delete Us
Delete Us
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cradth (レベル 14) 2020-06-24
Weird and unique at the same time. I'll give it a shot.
Buzzarello (レベル 4) 2020-03-13
I will try it too. This one seemingly is respectfully to do a gameplay video. Thanks for this amazing project. :)
Eugor (レベル 14) 2019-08-26
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