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Welcome to hopefully a hilarious waste of your time, It may be continued if requested. XD
Interact with everything so far to get the most hilarity.
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MikeyBlighe (レベル 6) 2020-04-09
A delightful cavalcade of weird! Although unless the weirdness was meant to come to an abrupt end I think some fixes may be necessary so that we may continue our quest for caffeine!
I know this was borne out of wackiness, but I could honestly play a whole game of this madness =D

YouTube Gameplay
プレイ TLOR: Archon Edition
ダウンロード TLOR: Archon Edition
プレイ TLOR: The Lost Remnants
ダウンロード TLOR: The Lost Remnants
プレイ Mr. Gray Secrets
ダウンロード Mr. Gray Secrets
プレイ Project Gravity Demo
ダウンロード Project Gravity Demo
プレイ Cruz Brothers
ダウンロード Cruz Brothers
プレイ The Curse of Life
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