動画 Ants Cuttter 動画

Ants Cuttter

Red Ants,
In this Super casual game you just need to aim your Saw cutter and shoot to wards ants and enjoy,
Different hurdles on every level to check your skill test.
言語: English  
ニュース: 1
Ants Cutter, Things to look into: 1. More than 18 awesome level, and more in development. 2. Uniue game play. 3. Several twist and turns. 4. Easy controls. 5. Realistic cutting effects and animations. Web Gl: Itch.Io: https://pseudogamer01.itch.io/ants-cutter Gamejolt: https://gamejolt.com/games/ants/409228 Kongrate:...
Ants Cuttter
Ants Cuttter
Ants Cuttter
Ants Cuttter
Ants Cuttter
Ants Cuttter
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