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Red Christmas

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Someone has stolen all the presents! Will this be the first Christmas without presents? Play as Santa and find the mysterious thief.
I made this in two days for the Christmas Jam 2018 using the Love2d framework.
I made this from scratch in 48 hours for the Christmas Jam 2018 with the Love2d framework.
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Red Christmas
Red Christmas
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Gesan (Tingkat 5) 2019-01-13
it's the classic shoot em up game. you have to add original elements to find players
Multiverse (Tingkat 6) 2019-01-04
it's a classic game system. My tips are to add an walk-animation. Then you should show the sprite from the top (now it's from the front). Change the "shot" with another sprite and add different bonus/malus
RockMith (Tingkat 9) 2019-01-03
Just a little bit late
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