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Masters of the Universe

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The battle for Eternia is in your hands!
Side with He-Man and his allies or Skeletor and his minions in this new take on the classic Barbarian sword fighting game.
Battle 8 levels against increasingly difficult foes or play against a friend.
This Pico-8 cart is bursting with the Power of Grayskull, featuring:
16 Characters
16 combat moves
4 stages
Bahasa: English  
Berita: 4
Update 1.6 - 2021/08/15 -fixed crash in "vs cpu" select screen after credits cycle (Introduced in v1.5)
Masters of the Universe
Masters of the Universe
Masters of the Universe
Masters of the Universe
Masters of the Universe
Masters of the Universe
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gamefive Terverifikasi (Tingkat 16) 2021-09-13
음악이 너무 좋아요. 재미있습니다.
renato (Tingkat 8) 2020-12-29
carino, ma un po legnoso.
Myrkvidr (Tingkat 13) 2020-10-05
i think this is really cool as a "retro experiment".. but I think the success of the implementation of this project is also its biggest flaw. I remember playing fighting games like this (pre- street fighter) and they were always impossible to fully enjoy. I think if you keep the retro look and feel and improve the gameplay slightly it will be fun.. but im just getting flashbacks of playing those terrible fighting games like tongue of the fatman
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