Kazahn Royale0.0.2 #LDJAM

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3D Battle Royal with Swords, Runes, and Golems that you can control! Fight against your friends to be the last one standing! Online mode is currently in development and not fully working. Developed by: Simple_Blue ||| Twitch: twitch.tv/simple_blue | @thesimpleblue Ipalla ||| Twitch: twitch.tv/ipalla Michael Kocha ||| Twitch: twitch.tv/everbraveart | @michaelkocha
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Kazahn Royale0.0.2 #LDJAM
Kazahn Royale0.0.2 #LDJAM
Kazahn Royale0.0.2 #LDJAM
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Mente77 (976 Batu Permata) 2016-09-28

It looks interesting... can you add also the webgl to play it online ?

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