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Chimera Crusader

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King Dominicus orders his top Paladin to slay the terrible Chimera. But before they'll be able to defeat it, they'll have to build up strength by slaying everything else in their path. It's about as minimal as an RPG can get.Left download is Spanish | Right download is English#ASCII, #RPG, #Text, #Adventure, #Minimal, #Retro
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Chimera Crusader
Chimera Crusader
Chimera Crusader
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Nabucodonosor (Tingkat 9) 2019-12-29
You are the king of the ASCII games!
Alkatraz (Tingkat 8) 2016-10-28
it's perfect like a new minigame in #watchdog2 XD
Mente77 (Tingkat 8) 2016-10-26
is it an #ascii game ?
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