Play Mr. Dude 4-in-1 PoopyPak

Mr. Dude 4-in-1 PoopyPak

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This pack contains 1 MansterSoft classic and 3 games that were prototypes or test programs (poopy).
MR. DUDE'S GRAND ADVENTURE: A Text-Adventure following the everyday life of Mr. Dude.
QUINT & CHICO HATE JERMY: Play as Quint, outrun Jermy, rescue your cat Chico.
E.X.O.R.C.I.S.M.: This one is weird, and 2-player
SQUIDLY JONES: Watch a fortune-telling Squid dance!
Bahasa: English  
Mr. Dude 4-in-1 PoopyPak
Mr. Dude 4-in-1 PoopyPak
Mr. Dude 4-in-1 PoopyPak
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