Play Mutropolis Episodes 1

Mutropolis Episodes 1

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"Mutropolis: Mars Episodes 1" is a short game about self-confidence and social skills in a science meeting, surrounded by elitist academics and pretentious scientists.
Handle your temper, modulate your voice and listen carefully in order to get enough money for funding your archaeological mission on Earth.
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Mutropolis Episodes 1
Mutropolis Episodes 1
Mutropolis Episodes 1
Mutropolis Episodes 1
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JawsOP (Level 10) 2020-07-12
Is this a spin-off of Mutropolis?
lucyinthespace (Level 15) 2019-10-29
What is the difference between this and your new game?
wearevenom (Level 12) 2019-10-28
sorry, i'm watching the trailer/video but i don't undestand what kind of game it is. is it a point and click? an adventure game? you selected "other", but i don't undestand. is it a quiz?
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