Mutropolis Demo

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Point and Click


A lovely SCI-FI archaeological post-apocalyptic adventure.
In the 50th century, the great humankind achievements, such as pyramids, were completely forgotten. Henry and his nerdy team of archaeologists have been working hard for years, digging treasures and watching weird Indiana Jones documentaries.
Until some dog-looking God come to ruin everything.
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Mutropolis Demo
Mutropolis Demo
Mutropolis Demo
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MikeyBlighe (Level 6) 2020-06-06
This was a really fun little demo, full of classic point and click style adventuring and humour. There's a plethora of interesting and fun characters, an archaeological mystery and some detective work to do to recover a lost digging implement!
Loving this so far, can't wait to see where the game goes from here =)

YouTube Gameplay
Morningstar (Level 9) 2020-04-18
Amazing Adventure game! Good plot and good artworks. Improve the puzzles
Gatsu87 (Level 14) 2020-04-01
A great #adventure game! I hope to see soon progress!
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