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Daluseus 2D

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को प्रकाशित: 19/07/2021


GameMaker Studio 2

Challenge an online player in a 1v1 match. Build a maze and escape from the opponent one.
Multiplayer Only
भाषा: English  
खबरे: 1
v1.3.5 - now it's possible to activate and deactivate the grid by pressing spacebar - improved maze validity check - added leaderboard
Daluseus 2D
Daluseus 2D
Daluseus 2D
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Stre93 (Level 13) 2021-07-26
very cool colors. but I have no friends to play it right now
ronnye (Level 15) 2021-07-23
just played. I like the minimal design. It is every easy and fast to play but during the first minutes you don't know where to see. Sadly it is only for two players. It will be perfect with an IA
Ball-Man (Level 8) 2021-07-21
Labirinti pazzi :occhi:
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