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Killer Gin

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Rpg Maker MV

Killer Gin is now on Kickstarter!!! Link: A new race of beings, Gin, have found themselves in the center of conspiracy, intrigue, and war. A small fishing village located in the middle neutral territory has yet to feel the affects of the war, this will soon change, and this is where your story begins!
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Post Kickstarter Killer Gin Demo Released!! (VOICE ACTING BABY!) - Optimization Update - Flu, plague, despair, and poison fog added! - Items/Skills/Equipment to deal with/spread illnesses. - Crops have been expanded. - Livestock updated!- Updated VA lines and scenes!- Added ability to check statuses OUTSIDE battle!!! - Updated Enemy Balance (Large Update)- New Items and...
Killer Gin
Killer Gin
Killer Gin
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DiesIrae (705 Gems) 2019-08-13

it's very hard to have luck on kickstarter with a rpg maker game. good luck.

TenTen92 (896 Gems) 2019-04-16

is this your only game? did you make other games? you are very skilled with rpg maker.

Staff (3016 Gems) 2019-02-14

hey @TheKillerGin, we want to say you that now you can also add images in your news! Just putting the link, it will be automatically showed as an image! Check also the updates of DarkStory Online made by @BraveWolf

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Killer Gin
Killer Gin
Killer Gin
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