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Explobers is a #puzzle #platform action game that sees the player guiding multiple little creatures called Explobers with special powers to work together to navigate their way through tricky situations. Contains over brain-teasing 80 stages!
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Explobers is now available on IndiExpo! Over 80 stages of multi-character brain-teasing puzzle-platforming action.
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Luis (Taso 17) 2018-01-23
I'm at stage 6. so good
BBads (Taso 11) 2018-01-05
nice style. are you sure about the grid?
Ofihombre (Taso 11) 2017-12-19
Explobers, an interesting puzzle/platformer game. It explodes walls with reds, static cubes to be able to ascend with cyans, and green cubes of triangles, etc. And the style in 8-bits of the most affable. In conclusion, a recommended indie game created by the game masters of Japan.
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