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Heitor Vinicius Nascimento Borges

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Survive, fight and save your loved one in the mist of terror and the quest for survival. Zombies presents in a fun and intriguing way what it would be like to survive a zombie apocalypse. Produced in the RPG Maker VX Ace engine, this game tells the story of a Canadian who had the misfortune of living a zombie apocalypse and saving his great love Alexia.
زبان: Portugues  
اخبار: 12
NOVA VERSÃO LANÇADA BETA 1.5.4 BUILD 1 Novas melhorias, correções de bugs e otimização.
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Zombies TBOD
Zombies TBOD
Zombies TBOD
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Heitorvnb (مرحله 5) 2022-12-29
O projeto ainda segue em desenvolvimento, e está na fase final de produção.
The project is still in development, and is in the final stages of production.
SnakeGDG (مرحله 6) 2022-12-26
is no longer available?
JEntertaiment (مرحله 11) 2020-10-14
Mais um incrível projeto feito por um BR!
Aguardando a versão final.. :3
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