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You Are Undead

206 بازیکن ها - 12 دنبال کننده ها دنبال کننده ها
You didn't survive the zombie apocalypse and now you are a brain eater undead feeding on the last remnants of humanity. #stealth #zombie
زبان: English   Portugues  
اخبار: 1
If you are wondering how to beat all the 12 levels, a player made this awesome walkthrough:
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You Are Undead
You Are Undead
You Are Undead
You Are Undead
نظر 9
Formatting Help 380
JEntertaiment (مرحله 10) 2021-01-04
Great game!
DCastillo (مرحله 8) 2019-07-04
very original. great game!!
DevZone (مرحله 8) 2019-06-01
XD great game i love the idea of you are a zombie
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