Tr-Zero (OE2)

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Published on: 2014/09/14



High Speed Arcade Racing, as it should be!
- DX11 GPU required.
- XGRA / Fzero style racing
- Race & Fight against 40 Bikes
- Up to 8 Player Network (19 Ai bikes).
- Full weapon systems
- 6 Race Modes (time trial, Pure Race, Weapon Race, Elimination, Annihilation, Arena Deathmatch)
- Xp/Level up system (upgrade your bike/weapons)
- Coded with love in pure C++.
زبان: English  
Tr-Zero (OE2)
Tr-Zero (OE2)
Tr-Zero (OE2)
Tr-Zero (OE2)
Tr-Zero (OE2)
Tr-Zero (OE2)
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Brim (مرحله 11) 2019-12-31
You are a legend, bro
Fellowplayer (مرحله 22) 2018-01-05
How is game getting along? Its been a while since I last played this.
Jonathan Fish (مرحله 16) 2016-08-16
amazing race game made with rd rad ! one of the best !!! no news about it ?
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