TLOR: Archon Edition

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Published on: 2019/04/11


Rpg Maker VX ACE

If you like hard games, such as Dark Souls.
Where dying is plentiful, battles are brutal, and the struggle for
surviving is real.
Then this edition of The Legend of Relic is for you!
The "easiest "Difficulty level is Archon, which is the HARDEST normal edition difficulty!
Enemies are x4 tougher in Archon, x8 tougher in Agony, and a whopping x12 tougher in Demise!
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TLOR: Archon Edition
TLOR: Archon Edition
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TenTen92 (مرحله 10) 2019-04-16
what is the difference with The Legend of Relic ?
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